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Solvent based coatings 

Epolin offers Spectre solvent screen inks for VOIRT applications. These applications include remote control systems, IR ports, proximity sensors, touch screens, machine vision, bar codes and other digital electronic devices.

When printed, Spectre VOIRT coatings are visibly opaque and transmit NIR wavelengths.Spectre screen inks can be printed on PET, polycarbonate and PVC substrates. By request Spectre inks can be formulated for better adhesion to glass.

Spectre inks are designed for the screen printing process. Epolin can recommend the addition of solvents which will enable the ink to be sprayed.



Screen ink

blocks, nm

Transmits ( >70%T )

Spectre™ 100

200 to 675nm


Spectre™ 110

200 to 695nm


Spectre™ 120

200 to 835nm


Spectre™ 130

200 to 875nm


Spectre™ 140

200 to 920nm


Spectre™ 150

200 to 975nm


Spectre™ 160

200 to 1065nm