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For 30 years Epolin has been the recognized pioneer and leader in the development and manufacture of near-infrared absorbing dyes and thermoplastic compounds. The roots of our company date back to the invention of the first NIR dyes in 1970s. Our materials add premium performance to laser & welding eyewear, security inks, light filters, display materials and night vision products.

Epolin sells to over 50 countries. We are known the world over for our expertise in optimizing IR light absorbance and visible light transmittance in a myriad of thermoplastic and thermoset polymeric materials such as polycarbonate, acrylic, polyamide, cellulose propionate, polystyrene, PCV, COC and polyurethane. Our dyes are used in thermoplastic compounding, injection molding, film extrusion, liquid casting, laminating, pressure sensitive adhesives and solvent borne coatings.

Epolin also creates new formulations to serve the growing markets of autonomous vehicles, augmented reality and Viral testing. Our R&D team can create the Right Stuff for your demanding application.

What we do

  • Synthesis and manufacturing of high quality pure dyes and complex dye blends
  • Compounding dye into ready to use thermoplastic pellet
  • Technical support from concept through commercialization
  • Rapid prototyping of complex dye blends facilitated by computer modeling
  • Fast, agile service to improve existing products or rapidly launch new ones
  • UV / VIS / NIR spectrophotometry, FTIR, SEM- EDS, and UV-Xenon arc testing and analysis

The Epolin Team - Expertise

You are in good hands with Epolin. Our team consists of scientists, chemists, engineers and manufacturing professionals with decades of experience in material science, dye synthesis, thermoplastic compounding, film extrusion, and injection molding of optical materials. You can rely on our technical team to confidentially collaborate to find the best solution for your unique application.

What differentiates Epolin from other specialty chemical companies is our dedication to customer satisfaction. Whether you desire a unique technical solution, product or regulatory support, or expedited shipping, we stand ready to exceed your expectations.


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